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Change is good...but not great.


Hey, there.   It’s me, the girl you probably hate—you know, the tall skinny blonde at the gym, the one who disses you at the water fountain?  I’m here to tell you everything you suspect about me is true:

Yes, I have an easy job making ridiculous money.

Yes, I turned the extra bedroom in my fab Atlanta condo into a closet for my designer wardrobe.

Yes, I have a personal assistant.

And yes, as a matter of fact, my gorgeous boyfriend is a doctor.

My life is beyond amazing and more than I could’ve dreamed of when I was growing up.  My mother might say I’ve “gotten above my raisin’.”  I guess that’s why I’ve become such a diva…and why a part of me has always been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

As much as you dislike women like me (rightfully so because admittedly, even I kind of hate me), you’ll be happy to know when the shoe finally dropped—Christian Louboutin, of course—it landed with a giant, life-changing crash.

I'm Della, by the way.  Della Culpepper.  And trust me—you won't want to miss my freefall into reality.

The TEMP GIRL daily
 serial will run July 1 - December 31.  The daily episode will be available only for 24 hours (approximately 4am-4am Eastern), so set a reminder on your phone, computer, or fridge to get your free TEMP GIRL fix every day!



December 14, Thursday

I WALKED ACROSS THE lobby, still breathing hard from a run, waved at Henry the concierge, then went into the mail room to check my box.  When I saw Charlie, I considering going the other way, but he saw me, so I had no choice but to wave.

He closed his box and walked over.  “How are things progressing with the wedding plans?”

“Fine,” I said.  In truth, I’d left pretty much everything up to Kyle and Anthony.  And since Libby had taken an interest in certain details I couldn’t have cared less about, I let her handle them.  If she was going to be the face of Kyle’s practice, she and I would have to be friendly.

“Will you be keeping your condo?” Charlie asked.

“No.  I’ll be moving in with Kyle.”

“I guess I won’t be seeing you around here, then.”

“I guess not.”

“So you’ve already put your unit on the market?”

I banged the door of my mailbox closed.  “Not yet.  My roommate Anthony still has to find a place to live.”  I walked toward the elevators, and he followed.

“Where are you and Keith going on your honeymoon?”

Kyle and I are going to France.”

“Nice,” he said, nodding.  “Very romantic.”

“Yes.”  I didn’t volunteer that Keith—dammit, Kyle would be attending a skin care conference while we were there.  When the doors opened, I walked onto the car, and Charlie followed.

When the doors closed, he pressed the button for his floor and I pressed the button for mine.

“By the way, I appreciate the invitation,” Charlie said, “but I won’t be coming to your wedding.”

I hadn’t expected him to.  “Okay.”

“But I’ll send a gift, perhaps something for the kitchen.”

“That’s not necessary,” I murmured.

“With your cooking skills, I believe it is.”

I pursed my mouth, remembering how he’d saved my Thanksgiving dinner… and how we’d banged like teenagers the following evening when I’d returned his knife.  I squirmed.

“I’m thinking about it, too,” he said.

I turned my head to admonish him, but the doors opened and he walked off.


I stabbed the button to close the doors and rode up to my unit.  I was still fuming when I walked into my bedroom, locked the door and used my pink vibrator to get off, promising myself it would be the last time I’d think about Charlie Graham and his magic tongue.

I was lying on my bed, spent and heaving, when my phone pinged a text notification.

It was from Charlie.

I just did it, too

I flopped back, exasperated.  Ooh! ~

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